Friday, February 10, 2012

Treating My Dirty Scalp Week 1 Treatment

So I've been plague with this for awhile, I don't think it is dandruff, just a dirty scalp

How I'm Treating It

1)  I wash my hair frequently.  By washing my scalp more, I can help to release the build up, dirt and dry scalp that seems to always be accumulating on my scalp.

2)  I got a prescribed shampoo from my doctor for such conditions.  I explain how when I wash my scalp sometimes it still seemed dirty and dry.

3)  For awhile I wasn't putting anything on my scalp, because I didn't want to aggrevate the problem anymore.  I'm now rubbing coconut oil and some other oil I purchased from the beauty supply into my hair and scalp more often.  The scalp needs to be moisturized like the skin.  However build up can occur from putting oil's on it, if it isn't washed frequently.

I'm hoping over time that this problem will be solved, I think I'll go massage some oil in my scalp now, my poor scalp needs it.

Natural Joyanne

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